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Our yearly technical support service gives you peace of mind 365 day's a year
Buy one Get one FREE >> Our support team is on call 24/7 to provide you instant computer tech support over the phone via email or to use remote support if you're online. You can even speak with a technician via our live chat our yearly service also entitles you to monthly maintenance and a remote health check. Get your tech support help today for just 99.00GBP  Our Terms

   Or Pay Monthly at 8.25 GBP Per Month

PC Technical Support 1 Hour

Our hourly computer support is designed for that one-off problem
You buy the support and we get to work straight away its as simple as that. Great for the consumer who do not want or need a yearly support plan but still need someone to call when things go wrong. Our Terms




A little tip beware of the "tech support" scam

Scammers have been peddling bogus security software for years. They set up fake websites, offer free “security” scans, and send alarming messages to try to convince you that your computer is infected with a virus. Then, they try to sell you software to fix the problem.

At best, the software is worthless or available elsewhere for free. At worst, it could be malware software designed to give criminals access to your computer and your personal information.

The latest version of the scam begins with a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft technical support. Scammers can get your name and other basic information from public directories. They might even guess what computer software you’re using.

Once they have you on the phone, they often try to gain your trust by pretending to be associated with well-known companies or confusing you with a barrage of technical terms. They may ask you to go to your computer and perform a series of complex tasks. Sometimes, they target legitimate computer files and claim that they are viruses. Their tactics are designed to scare you into believing they can help fix your “problem.”

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10 Tips to Secure your Computer from Hackers and Viruses





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Buy our support plan today to get instant access to our Microsoft technical experts and a unlimited technical support plan. We also offer online computer training "UK based technical team" Perfect for the senior PC user. (With FREE monthly health check)

  • 24x7 Support from our team
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  • Support 7 days a week 24/7
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  • PC Optimization
  • Email configuration